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OceanAir Sports is a full service North Kiteboarding Dealer. Lessons, Rentals, Retail, we have you covered. Our knowledgeable staff can help you out with everything from how to ride, where to go, what to ride, how to improve your riding and how to get the most performance out of your gear .

Kiteboarding Lessons & Camps

Learn to kite or improve your skills with a lesson from our PASA certified expert instructors- Kiteboarding is currently one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and learning how could be one of the best experiences of your life! Although it is not hard to learn how to kiteboard, we strongly recommend you take a lesson from a professional kiteboarding shop with certified instructors for your safety and the safety of others. Our certified instructors teach hundreds of lessons every year and have the experience and knowledge to quickly guide you to success!

Our location on the shallow and calm waters of the Pamlico Sound makes learning to kite a fun, easy, and safe adventure.
No experience is necessary and we include all the gear you need in your lesson.
Reservations are required for lessons, so call
(252) 995-5000 to book yours today!

Intro to Kiteboading (3 hours; $300 single, $250 double)
This essential lesson for those wanting to learn to kiteboard covers kite and water safety, wind and
weather dynamics, kite set-up, launching and landing, kite control, body dragging, and self-rescue.

Get on Board (3 hours; $300 single, $250 double)
After learning to fly the kite, you will be ready to get on the board! Learn to use the footstraps,
waterstart, ride in both directions, and the basics of turning around. Students with established board skills have a slight advantage at this stage, but you should expect to get your first rides after just two lessons!

3-Day Kite Camp (3 hours a day, $900)
For those who want to make the commitment to becoming a kiteboarder- sign up for the camp and become a self-sufficient kiteboarder after 3 days of intensive lessons and excellent coaching. We feel confident you will be ready to buy gear and start shredding on your own.

Private Instruction ($125 per hour)
For those looking for a customized learning experience, our instructors can help students improve
their board riding skills, transitions, jumps, freestyle moves, or whatever you want to work on.