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2017 North Kites 2018 North Kites
At OceanAir Sports, we are passionate about Kiteboarding.  We have been riding North Kiteboarding products since the beginning and we are very confident in them.  So confident, that we don't want to ride anything else, therefore we don't sell anything else.  You can be confident that we know the products well.  We are a full service North Kiteboarding Dealer and can help you with just about anything related to any North Kiteboarding product from any year, all day, everyday.  We offer kiteboarding lessons, rentals, repairs and we have a fully stocked demo fleet so if you want to try a kiteboard before you buy it, just stop by the shop and we will get you set up. We have just about every twin tip and kite surfboard available to demo.  We are the only North Kiteboarding Dealer on Hatteras Island, The Outer Banks and North Eastern North Carolina.
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2018 North Juice 2018 North Juice

Light Wind

Retail Price: $1,819.95
Used North Kites Demo/Used North Kites

We are selling our school, demo and Team Rider Kites.  Now is your chance to get a great deal on a used North Kite! Call or email anytime if you would like to discuss!

2018 North Rebel 2018 North Rebel

High Performance Freeride / Big Air

Retail Price: $1,149.00
2018 North Dice 2018 North Dice

Freestyle / Wave

Retail Price: $1,089.95
2018 North Vegas 2018 North Vegas

Wakestyle / Freestyle

Retail Price: $1,219.95
2018 North Neo 2018 North Neo

Wave / Freeride

Retail Price: $949.00
2018 North Evo 2018 North Evo

Allaround / Freestyle / Wave / Freeride

Retail Price: $1,019.95
2017 North Evo 2017 North Evo 20% Off!

All-around freestyle or freeride

Retail Price: $1,179.95
2017 North Juice Kite 2017 North Juice 20% off!

Lightwind freeride kite

Retail Price: $1,759.95
2017 North Mono Kite 2017 North Mono 20% Off!

Single strut lightwind wave kite

Retail Price: $1,229.95
2017 north vegas 2017 North Vegas 20% Off!

Pro Freestyle Weapon

Retail Price: $1,269.95
2017 North Rebel 2017 North Rebel 20% OFF!

High performance freeride and jumping

Retail Price: $1,119.00
2017 North Dice 2017 North Dice 20% Off!

Versatile wakestyle, freestyle, and wave

Retail Price: $1,119.95
2016 North Mono Kite 2016 North Mono

Single strut lightwind wave kite

Retail Price: $1,189.95
2016 North vegas 2016 North Vegas

Pro Freestyle Weapon

Retail Price: $1,429.95
Sale Price: $899.95