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Windsurfing Lessons

Windsurfing, windboarding, sailboarding- whatever you call it, it is one of the most fun watersports in the world, and learning to windsurf could be the coolest thing you've done in a long time! Windsurfing combines the elements of surfing and sailing, since you are basically standing on a large surfboard holding a lightweight sail in your hands.

The warm, shallow waters and steady winds of the Pamlico Sound make Cape Hatteras the ideal location for your first try at windsurfing.
Since OceanAir is located directly on the soundfront and we launch our lessons right from the shop, learning doesn't get any easier than this!
(252) 995-5000 to reserve a spot in one of our amazing group lessons.

Some people think about teaching themselves using a buddy's old rig after watching a YouTube video...we strongly advise against this (so no, we won't rent you gear to do that). It will only make your life more difficult and result in frustration and failure.

At OceanAir, our instructors are certified by U.S. Sailing and have the expert knowledge and teaching skills to quickly guide you to success. Using only the simplest and most lightweight equipment, taking a lesson with us makes learning to windsurf an easy, fun, and safe experience.

No experience is necessary, so sign up today and become the captain of your own ship!

Beginner Group Day 1
(2 hours; $75 per person)
Learn to Windsurf! We'll start on land reviewing wind direction, and learning the mechanics of windsurfing. In waist deep water you will learn about uphauling, sail handling, footwork, turning and making it back to the beach! Anyone can do this and we make it easy! 2-5 students per class.

Beginner Group Day 2 ( 2 hours; $75 per person)
We'll take it right to the water! Continue your instruction and become a confident, efficient, and safe sailor as you solidify the basics, add new skills, and handle higher winds. On Day 2, using a bigger sail, we'll focus on more speed and power, sail and body position, work on the tack and jibe and beach starts. If you have taken Day 1 or have had some experience before than this is the lesson for you. 2-5 students per class.

Beginner Private Instruction (2 hours; $120)
For those looking for individualized attention or to more quickly improve their windsurfing fundamentals this opportunity will give you one on one instruction time with 100% of the instructor's attention focussed on you for the entire lesson. You'll learn faster, become more confident in your abilities earlier and get to the next level sooner.

Advanced Lessons (2 hours; $150 with your own gear/ $180 with Ocean Air Sports gear)
Whether you want to work on stance, efficiency, beach start, waterstart, harness and footstraps, tack or jibe or even more advanced freestyle including new school aerial tricks, our instructors are available to help you achieve your goals.

Lessons must be booked at least one day in advance and are wind and weather dependent.