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Wind & Wave Conditions in Hatteras

The season “officially” starts April 1, but there are ride-able conditions year-round. Most travel to Hatteras begins in March and ends by December. Here is a simple breakdown of what to expect throughout the year:

MARCH: Windy. Cool temps and cold water mean that you’ll likely need a full suit, boots, hat, and possibly gloves. Anything can happen at his time of year and frequently does. Temperatures can vary by as much as 40 degrees over the course of a few days, with winds ranging from 10 to 40 knots. Restaurants on Hatteras are slowly opening, so don’t expect too much nightlife. Best bet: Ride/Eat/Drink/Sleep, repeat as necessary.

APRIL & MAY: Windy. These are the prime months for wind and warming waters on Hatteras, and it is our busiest time of the year. Regular SW winds average 20 knots, with occasional NE winds of similar strength. Again you will need to be prepared for a wide range of conditions, from 10 to 40 knots on any given day, and water temps around 55f to 65f. Generally, a full suit is helpful, but the weather tends to be variable and still unpredictable.

JUNE & JULY: Breezy. Things are really warming up for these months, no wetsuits needed. SW is the prevailing wind direction and 15 to 20 knots is the norm. These months are excellent for kiteboarding and great for flat water slalom and freeride windsurfing.

AUGUST & SEPTEMBER: Hot & calm with storm winds: Hurricane season is kicking into high gear at this time, and Hatteras’ weather can be significantly affected. August can see days of slick calm, or storm-driven winds over 40 knots. Conditions can be ideal for surfing. Best bet: pick up some good sun block, and be flexible…. No wind? Go surfing. No surf? Go fishing. No fish? Climb the Lighthouse. Too hot? Blaze across Pamlico Sound at 40 mph on one of our new 4-stroke Yamaha Wave Runners. Too fast? Rent a kayak or SUP. Too…thirsty? Load the cooler and head to the beach…. After all, it’s summer and you are on vacation!

: WINDY. After a hot summer we always welcome the fall and the glorious NE winds. Hurricane season is behind us, but wind and swell are still strong. The weather can still be unpredictable, so be prepared to ride in trunks one day, and a full suit the next. There is also a good chance that you will use all of the gear that you own, so bring it!

While the internet provides many excellent tools for forecasting and reporting weather, wind, and surf, nothing beats on-site reports and local knowledge; feel free to contact us by phone or email for a current condition report or a near-term weather outlook. The following are some links to weather-related websites that we live by:

Underground Weather